Dead ordinary cars like your Holdens, Fords, Toyotas etc need dead ordinary mechanics. There is nothing special about these vehicles and nothing special is required. Any common or garden mechanic is capable of maintaining and repairing them.
Mini Mokes and original Minis are definitely not your average ordinary car and need special expert attention. You would be very silly indeed if you owned an unwell Moke or Mini and did not take it to Cairns' extra-ordinary mechanic. This is of course none other than Mark Brewer and you'll find him at 'Aardvark Autos'.
Mark has had hands on experience with these unique cars for many decades. There isn't a single thing that he doesn't know or understand about every aspect of these special vehicles' mechanical and electrical intricacies. You will find Mark's repair place at the beginning of Scott Street and that's at the Cairns Central end. So after giving him a ring, drive your crook Moke/Mini to his place. It'll be in very capable hands.
Did I hear you say it won't drive anymore? No worries phone Ezy Tow and it'll be picked up and dropped off at 'Aardvarks'. In next to no time Mark will have your pride and joy fixed and ready for where it should be back on the road again.
Mark Brewer Moke expert
2000 "Does anyone need a Twin Carby?"
Mark Brewer is our local Moke expert and owns Aardvark
Autos in Cairns. As you can see, he isn't short of customers!
2000 "I had to throw your engine away Dave, it was no good!"
Said Mark Brewer of Aardvark Autos in Cairns, Queensland. Mark has been taking Mokes apart and putting them back together again 'all his life'! 'Mokio's' 'new' engine installed by Mark hasn't missed a beat. It's POWERFECT!
2007 "Too easy, Dave"
Is Mark Brewer's comments as he lowers 'Yorky's' reconditioned engine into place.
It's been a long time since Mark, owner of Aardvark
Autos had 6 Mokes to mend all at the same time.