Ten Years in the Making
by Michael Phillips

I have always enjoyed Mini Mokes over many years. I have a 1974 Moke which I purchased
in 1995 from my best friend's mother. This is a one owner and was used on their orchard. As
a farm vehicle it was never really looked after but I still intend to restore this one.

During 2002 I came across another Moke in a suburban Melbourne front yard under a large
deciduous Oak tree. It was complete with piles of leaves covering the floor, a dilapidated
vinyl roof and the price was right! It is an original 1978 Californian. With a bit of TLC I
stupidly thought it was a better proposition than the one I had.

This is the Moke which has taken me 10 years to restore.

After cleaning out the leaves it was obvious that the Moke required a little more than just a clean up, a paint job and then put back on the road.

The Moke Owners Association of Victoria http://www.moke.org.au held a '40th year'
Moke Muster at Shepparton Victoria in 2006. This was my incentive to get it onto the road
and I got very close. Unfortunately not close enough and for the next few years nothing
major was completed on my Moke. I attended the muster in 2006 in a borrowed Moke.

Recently another incentive cropped up which was the changing of the Victorian (State of
Australia) registration system for club owned vehicles older than 30 years. The new Club
permit system is more flexible and allows vehicles to be driven on the roads for a total of 45
or 90 days during the year. A log book must be completed.

I finally have restored my Moke after 10 years and now another Moke has been saved from
the scrapheap.

Why did it take so long?

I can give several reasons or excuses some of which are:
• I am a perfectionist
• I believe that I have to do all the work myself (time consuming and no-one
  else can do it as well as me - did I say I'm a perfectionist)
• Other projects around the home took priority and
• I don't want to admit it but I sometimes procrastinate.

The final leg of the restoration was accomplished with the help of two really good friends
Ron (Dicko) and Bruce from the Moke Owners Association of Victoria.
Without their encouragement, mechanical knowledge and assisting with the restoration my
Moke would still not be on the road today. Many other people (too many to mention) have
also encouraged me along the journey and I thank them all. It,s because of all their efforts
that I am now driving around in my perfect Moke.