2012 Glenn and Bob in Cairns
July saw the arrival in Cairns of those two distinguished Moke enthusiasts Glenn Golds and Bob Higgins. A journey of 3100 miles had separated them from their home territory in Melbourne. And this arduous journey was accomplished in their Mini Mokes.
Glenn and Bob are long-time members of the 'Moke Owner's Association of Victoria Inc'. A get-together with the members of 'NQ Mokes' was organised and held at 'Dundee's' on the waterfront. Max Lincoln, the instigator of NQ Mokes welcomed the travellers to Cairns. A great time was had by all 10 attendees and much Moke talk followed the excellent meal at this excellent venue.
Glenn and Bob were each presented with a Certificate of Achievement in recognition of their exemplary endurance and accomplishment.
The immediate precursor to 'Dundee's was a photoshoot in the Pier Marketplace car park where 5 beautiful Mokes and 1 not so beautiful were on display.
During the course of their stay a few of Cairns' attractions were visited by the intrepid travellers and time was spent replacing a wheel bearing on Bob's Moke (Jersey) and HT cables and plugs on Glenn's Moke (Green Pea).
Bob and Glenn left Cairns for an even more arduous journey back to their home town which was beleaguered by a disastrous mishap to Bob's Moke 12 kilometres south of Dubbo.
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