Celebration Time
A day in the life
2004 was, as we all know, the 40th year of the Moke. To help celebrate this occasion my brother Geoff and I spruced up 'Mokio' and entered it into the Cairns Annual Grand Parade in September '04. I advertised in the local paper to urge all Moke owners to come along and though I had a few inquiries, 'Mokio' was the only Moke entrant. This was a shame because the crowd along the route through the city was estimated at 25,000.
Just behind the banner on the Moke, we fitted a powerful 12 volt strobe light which was most effective. You might be thinking night-time is a funny time to have a parade. But if you were living in Cairns you wouldn't. The Parade used to be held during the day and was called 'Fun in the Sun'. It became far from fun for the participants and audience alike who, under the tropical sun, fainted wholesale!
'1964-2004' Parade Preparations
Dave Margison's brother Geoff helping
to spruce up 'Mokio' for the Grand Parade
through Cairns, Queensland.
Ready for the Parade
Dave Margison's mum Elsie poses alongside "Mokio"
Lots of applause for this entrant
'All in a line'
Dave Margison's 'Mokio' getting loads
of attention during the Grand Parade.
Geoff and "Mokio" at the start of the Grand Parade