The Most Mokes in Malaysia
By Champion Goo with assistance from William Lee

Hello fellow Mokers my name is Champion Goo and I live in
Johor, Malaysia and I am a new club member since 2015.

My family owned our first Moke when I was born in 1983. My
dad, Goo An Hua, had bought this Moke for his construction
work and found it to be ideal for transporting his everyday
work tools and equipment.

Then two years later when my brother, Berry Goo, was born
my dad bought another Moke and it was as if these Mokes
were birthday gifts!

When Dad went out in the Moke he would nearly always take
my brother and me with him. It was great fun helping him to
check the engine and keep this Moke washed clean so the
Moke became our childhood friendand companion and we
always had happy times with it.

When in 1985 my uncle, Goo An Yi, got married the Moke
became the wedding car. It was a very pleasant surprise for
everyone. The Moke and the newlyweds received much
attention and big smiles.And it's the same when I drive my
Moke I feel like I am very special and love the attention we
get from other people.

In 2002 I started to show a great deal more interest in the
different types of Mokes there were and got to understand
how it all worked and how it was constructed.

I soon got into DIY with my Moke and one of the many jobs
was the wooden seats. I also like to go searching the Web to
find more information about Mokes.

My plan is to try and convert the Moke for a honey business
delivery use.

My Moke is my stress relieving machine. Whenever I'm not
happy or feeling a bit stressed I just have a drive round
and backin it then I feel much better. We always enjoy
happiness with my family and my Moke during family outings.

It is hard to describe the affection I have for the Moke - it is
second only to love and affection I have for my wife, Joey Ng.

I have just managed to buy two more Mokes so I now have
an extra busy life once again and their restoration will be a
constant worthwhile challenge.

We will keep these Mokes forever as they will help to achieve
my dream of owning the most Mokes in Malaysia! Cheers!