Definitely Darren

Deep in a suburb of Cairns, Australia lies a unique-to-the-
world place.

Both its owner and what he has in this place make it unique.

Darren Jones is Cairns' Moke Maestro and he can pull a Moke
to pieces, fix/replace any dicky bits and put it back together
again at the blink of an eye.

In his back yard he not only has all the equipment to do this
job - including spray painting - but he has container-loads of
parts. In fact all the parts that go into making a Moke with
many multiples of many parts.

And all the restoration and repair work he does is
exceptionally spot on.

He is the proud owner, and rightly so, of ‘Bugs’, the world's
one and only 3-cylinder Turbo-charged diesel Moke. And this
Moke's specialness extends way beyond the engine. In fact
every part is not quite what you'd expect to find.With
Darren's innovation and imagination coming into play, this
Moke is truly innovative.

Just to mention only two examples of the improvements to
this Moke's norm. A tail panel that hinges down to give
greater flexibility in the carrying space.A concealed way of
keeping the bonnet down.

‘Bugs’ is not just a show Moke - it's a GO Moke! And gone in
it Darren has - thousands of miles! In 2016 alone Cairns to
South Australia via Shepparton (the Moke Muster) and back
is well over 3950 miles. Proving beyond doubt yet again just
how well Darren has put ‘Bugs’ together.

Want parts, want perfection - Darren Jones.