Motor Trimming
& Canvas Goods
& much much more
Don & Raeleen Dolan
PH: (07) 4041 2999
8 Doyle Street
next to Pacific Toyota
Don and Raeleen Dolan have been the very best
sew and sews for donkey's years.
During all those years they have never ceased
to toil for perfection and that is what all of their
customers have received and what future
customers can look forward to.
With them it has never been 'it's just another job'
it's always been 'it's another job they can excel in'
and excel they do every time.
We all dream of having our proud possessions
finished to perfection - we all have Dolan's to
make our dreams come true.
a boat and it needs a new canvas
or a new Bimbi cover?
or you have the old ones that can be resewn.
a well-loved car that's a bit down
on its seat upholstery?
a car restoration on your hands and it hasn't
hardly anything left of the seats apart from the
frame and the car's roof cloth is in a right state?
No worries
The expertise to make or renew all of the above
with excellent results every time.
What are you waiting for? Telephone them now
Dolan's Pics