Driving 'Miss Daisy'
By Peter Hogben

I am a new member of the club and live in Canning Vale a suburb of Perth in
Western Australia made famous by its prison and previous cotton goods

I have recently become custodian and proud sole owner of a Moke. Now that
mum and dad are getting on and dad does not want to look after it any more
he has passed it on to me so I guess I,m the lucky one there.

This 1981 Mini Moke Nomad Utility Californian has been in the family for 6
years and I have just recently been allocated the fantastic job of looking after

As for restoring it, well that was done by my dad and his work mates. Dad
wanted something different when it came to restoring a car and he always
liked the Moke so he got one.

It took 2 years and a great deal of design work, then parts fabricating and
finally assembling to get it to where it is now - an amazingly professionally
modified Moke.

The engine has not been modified is still 998.cc The tilt tray does not work with
hydraulics as it lifts very easy on its own with light rams and yes it does have a
name it's called 'Miss Daisy' after the movie.

The Moke is marvellous to drive around as the slightly extra weight on the rear
wheels gives it greater stability and as you can imagine its freight carrying
capacity is a godsend.

I have just contacted Perth's best-loved Moke owner and Mini meeting
convener Bridget Hogarth and 'Miss Daisy' and I will soon be joining her and
her fraternity of Western Australian Moke owners for runs and shows.