Renaissance Electrique
Looking to a future of simplicity and fun
by Jean-Georges Ghigo

Just imagine - you jump into your Mokeand switch on, take the handbrake off, select a gear,
put your foot on the accelerator pedal, and your Moke, deathly silent, accelerates smoothly
and quickly away.

At first you have some funny thoughts like - did I start the engine? I'm not going downhill -
how come the engine isn't howling away? Within an instant of these thoughts you smile and
realise you are now in the future. Your Moke no longer needs petrol-no tank, water-no
radiator, engine oil-no sump, spark plugs-no cylinders, points-no distributor. In fact it hasn't
got an engine!Basically all it needs it has - a very reliable electric motor and a very powerful
rechargeable battery.

But because of the recent incredible advances in battery technology you are not in the future
at all, because the future is here and now!

To produce the 'eMK6' range of Mokes I have managed to bring together knowledgeable
enthusiasts from both the automotive and electrical traction industries. What they have come
up with is a great deal more than incredible. What they started with was the marvellous Mini

At just 15 kW, the synchronous, brushless, electric motor in my 'eMK6s' have all the power
that's needed to keep owners more than happy. And with a 5-speed +R gearbox 85kph is
readily achievable and hills nochallenge.

So where do you find the source of this more-than-adequate power? In a Lead-acid battery?

No way! My Mokes' Lithium, Ferrous (Iron) Phosphate or LiFePO4 batteries have an amazing
power-to-weight ratio. In fact they weigh in at a great deal less than half of that of Lead-acid!
They can be fully charged in 6 hours but can also except partial charges and have a range of 80
to 100km (50 to 62 miles) depending on the model.So who drives their Moke more than this in
a day - do you?
These batteries can't last long then? Try 2000 full charge cycles and they've still got 80% of

So as well asthe pleasure and silence of high performance electric motionyou still have an
everlastingly stylish, essentially robust, and very reliable,Moke.What more could anyone

Now, which colour 'eMK6' would you like? contact@mokoncept.fr