1998 'How I bought my first Moke'
by Dave Margison
I had purchased a Queenslander house in the heart of Cairns but decided I would not move into it until I had made it more habitable, a two-month process. I was unsure about the security aspect of the house's location and apart from an insurance policy I felt the house needed a vehicle parked in the drive to indicate to would-be robbers that someone was home and not to bother. So why not a Moke?.
I had driven my first hired Moke while on holiday in Cairns in 1987 and I had seen a few while driving around Cairns. It was a logical decision as I thought these 'strange' cars would keep their value over the years. So in 1998 the first one I looked at was privately owned and the guy wanted $2800 for it. I decided to shop around as I didn't know what a Moke was worth. Time went by and with no more Mokes advertised in the paper I was wondering whether getting one was still a possibility. Then on my way home from work I saw one parked outside a shed so I made enquires. I discovered the shed was a dumping ground for past-hope-Mokes. They were ex-rental and belonged to the 'Cairns Rent-a-Car Company'. A few years ago the owner had possessed 15 Mokes which wasn't enough during the busy season. "$4500" said the owner obviously 'fishing'. "$2800" said I. "O.K". said he and I had bought my first Moke. Little did I know that this Moke should have been inside the shed with the other no-hopers. At this point in time I could not foresee that I would become devoted to Mokes and their restoration. In retrospect I should have bought everything Moke that he had!.
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