And now for a World Record
byMark Radford

It was back in 2006, prior to the first Moke Muster in Shepparton, that I applied to
the Guinness World Records in London for permission to attempt a World Record
for the longest Moke convoy. They replied that the Moke was considered a Mini
and that the current record for the longest ‘parade’ of Mini cars was 300. I replied
with what I thought was a good case for the Moke to be considered separately, but
to no avail.

However, at the 2006 Muster we did the World Record attempt as per the guidelines
with a convoy of around 100 Mokes - nowhere near the World Record but to prove
that it could be done and the record could be achieved if the Moke were deemed to
be different.

Almost 10 years later in December 2015 just after I had been working with
Guinness World Records on the NUTBUSH Project in the regional city of Horsham,
Victoria, I thought I'd ask them again about Mokes. I had found them to be great
people to work with, their rules were very clear and concise and though the logistics
were daunting Horsham is now officially in the Guinness Book of Records. For those
who are not NUTBUSH savvy - it's a dance, and 250 participants danced their way
into the Record Book!

So, putting a pretty good case forward as to why Mokes were not Minis and
needed to be considered in a category of their own, I received this reply from
Corrinne in London ...
corrinne @ gwr11 April 2016 11:32

Dear Mark, Thank you for your proposal - we have researched this and agree that
Mini Mokes warrant a new record category. You have now been sent the guidelines
for ‘Largest parade of Mini Moke cars‘. Let me know if you have any questions once
you have had a chance to read them.
Kind regards, Corrinne

Despite missing the boat at the 2016 Shepparton Moke Muster, there is now an
opportunity to create - A new World Record for ‘Largest Parade of Mini Moke
Cars’ at any future Moke gathering.
In simple terms what is required is:

•    A minimum of 100 Mokes
•    They must be genuine Mokes with badges identifying them
•    The Parade must travel at least 3.2 kilometres with a Steward every
•    Any vehicle that stops or leaves the parade is not to be counted.
•    Independent Witnesses are required, photos and video evidence
      submitted and all participants must sign a Register.

I have sent Corrinne video and pictures of the 2016 Muster and they were
most impressed. So there we have it - a World Record waiting to be set!

To give you an idea what 100 Mokes in a line looks like there are only 31
on this page!