Have a Happy Moking Holiday!
by German Garcia Castello

This season was the first one and I bought my first Moke a couple of years
ago in the South of Spain and people in Ibiza fell in love with it.

My first idea was, why not buy a few more and then sell them in Ibiza, but
there aren't a lot for sale in the mainland so that's why I then thought I'll rent
them out instead and keep all my Mokes for the future.

I have always loved Minis and a few years ago I saw a Moke on the internet
and immediately I fell in love with it! I love them, the shape, the engine,
everything is perfect and easy to repair and my Mokes are all 998cc.

The Mini Moke is incredibly alluring and an indispensable addition to having a
great time on Ibiza.Indisputablya fun car, it's individual,incomparable and even
indefatigablebut best of all it gets everyone smiling.

When you look at my Mokes,other cars seem quite insipid by comparison.
The Moke's ingenious design becomes infectious and has a big influence on
increasing the overall enjoyment of the holidaymaker's time on the island.

Many intrepid travellers are intrigued by what looks like insufficient
instrumentation. I laugh and tell them the Moke is happy to look after itself but
as a courtesy it lets the driver know its temperature, speed and amount of gas.

I'm going on the mainland to buy another one.At the moment I have 3 for rent
and I'm looking forward to restoring another one - this one is going to be for
me. I want it to look perfectand it's going to be a 1275cc.

Who am I? Good question!! I'm the founder of ‘MINI MOKE IBIZA’ which is
the only car rental of the Balearic Islands in which you can rent the legendary
vehicle created by the British motor manufacturer, Austin Rover.

My Mokes' ability to invoke infatuation is irrefutable and departing
holidaymakers are itching to get back to Ibiza and to indulge in the pure
pleasure of driving one of my really irresistible Mokes once again.

Sun, sea, surf, sand and a super Moke - all you need to have a sensational
holiday in Ibiza.

At sunset and ready for the next
days fun-seeking holidaymakers