Your '60' minute D.I.Y.
I M D   M O K E    F L A G
1. Buy a nicely boxed Blue Ray DVD Player.
2. Discard the Player and using 1 side panel of the box (please note it is NOT too corrugated).
3. Draw with pen and ruler the OUTLINE only of these letters on the unprinted side of the
box panel (please note 6 inches high lettering is good enough).
i m d
4. N.B. you are making a stencil so do not ignore the gaps in these letters
(this style is called 'Stencil' Choose your own style but remember to include the gaps).
5. With a scalpel and ruler cut the letters out
i m d
6. Place stencil on a suitable piece of yellow or lightly coloured cloth that can be quite thin.
Make sure this cloth is plenty big and supported underneath by a flat piece of wood or such like.
7. Tricky bit. Place as many weights as you can as close to the cut out as possible to hold
the stencil firmly to the cloth. Or use a clear non-permanent glue to do the same. like.
8. Using a dark coloured spray paint can, spray the letters. (FIG 1)
9. The idea is to get the letters as dark as possible WITHOUT the paint bleeding under
the stencil The cloth will absorb tons of paint before it goes dark so spray, then wait,
spray, then wait -maybe 10 times.
10. Lift the stencil and there you have it - a bleedin' mess!
11. Start again with another piece of cloth and more weights/glue and with the spray-can
further away if you had it too near.
12. Not too bad this time. Cut the cloth into a rectangle about one and a half inches away
from the image. Can be square if you,re that way inclined. Allow about 3" of extra cloth
in front of the letters. Or behind if the flag is going on the driver's side.
13. Politely ask you wife/mother/girlfriend/partner to sew a small hem on the flag.
14. Using an approximately 18" long piece of round dowelling wood (or equivalent) about
three eighths of an inch in diameter, wrap the lead or trailing end of the flag round the
wood twice and get it to stay there with glue or staples using a staple gun.
15. Attach the flag to the rubber bonnet fastener on your Moke with plastic cable ties. (FIG 2)
16. Test drive the flag at high speed.
17. If the flag is torn to pieces repeat steps 6 to 16 again with better cloth.
18. Sit down, have a nice cup of tea and admire your handy-work.
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