I M D 2012
2012 IMD Cairns, Queensland
Another International Moke Day has come and gone but our 'NQ Mokes' get together on September 30 was really memorable indeed.
With Max Lincoln as chief co-ordinator, four Mokes and their drivers assembled at the Pier car park but not in the car park which was full. Just alongside was a disused-on-weekends Bus Stop and this we requisitioned without fear.
Prior to this meeting Max's good wife Trisha had informed the Cairns Post newspaper of our IMD gathering with the possibility of their photographer coming to record the happy event.
So, in the line-up, Max Lincoln was in charge of red 'Speedy'. 'Speedy's' clutch cannot be disengaged and Max's experience as a truck driver came in handy in starting the Moke in gear and changing gear without the clutch! There were three white Mokes; Max Chappell with 'Billy' and Paul Barton's beautifully restored Moke with Chinese wheels.The flag bearer for the day was 'Yorky', Dave Margison's topless Moke. And there we were, all waiting patiently to become 'world famous' but no photographer!
Ah well . . . we went across the road to have a cup of coffee.
Whilst in line for coffee the photographer phoned Max L. He'd found our Mokes but had lost us.We quickly dashed back and were immediately treated to a highly professional photo session conducted by Mike Watt from the Cairns Post. The four of us and our Mokes being the main attraction of course. This accomplished we went back for coffee during which much enthusiastic Moke talk ensued.
We then drove in convoy down the Esplanade before dispersing to go our separate ways.
During the following weeks our anticipation turned to despair as it became apparent the photo was not going to appear in the Newspaper.
We could only put this down to the standard that The Cairns Post newspaper prefers to maintain. Namely pages and pages of blandly trite and unimaginative waffle/piffle along with really dead boring photos.
Now if it had been the Australian or the Washington Post or the Guardian then obviously we would have made front page news for sure.
All however was not completely lost as a copy of the not-used Copyright Photograph was obtained from 'Newspix'as was the licensed permission to use it in this magazine.
You can now see what all those Cairns Post readers missed out on.