Moke Owners Association of Victoria Inc.
by Dave Margison & Rhonda Flynn

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia is a dynamic, well planned and well-loved city on
the shores of Port Philip Bay.&
And Melbourne is one of the handful of cities in the world which had foresight and
common sense and never destroyed its tram network to let the infernal
combustion engine rule the roost.
And Melbourne and its suburbs are the home of a marvellous mob of
really enthusiastic Moke owners.

My mission there was to attend the February 2014 meeting of the 'Moke Owners
Association of Victoria' and sing the praises of the 'Mini Moke Club' and the many
marvels of 'Mini Moke Club' membership.

The venue for the meeting was The Horrie Watson Pavilion, Deepdene which is
almost at the foot of the Dandenongs just 10 km (6.25 miles) east from
Melbourne's CBD where I was 'camping out'. Transport to and from the meeting
was courtesy of Bob and Glenn. Many thanks gentlemen.
Since my visit this regular meeting place as been changed to the much better
liked Industrial Unit 8 at 41 Norcal Road, Nunnawading. The extra-large car park
being just one of its attractions.

Many of you will now be wondering what this Victorian club is all about. Unless
you have fallen asleep already.
So slight deviation here because ... here's Rhonda to give you the lowdown.
Applause please.
"The founding of the Club goes back 45 years when in 1969 a couple of blokes
who got the Moke Bug decided to bring the many others in the Melbourne area
who had the same Bug together in a Club. That's a Moke Club not a Bug Club!
Doug Williams the owner of the famous Moke 'Black Douglas' was one of these
people and he is still involved in the club, currently as our Minutes secretary. Ever
since those early days the club has been active in events, outings, meetings,
service days, camps and expeditions to many corners of Australia. As well as
these there are community events, shows, parties, and so much more.
We pride ourselves on being a club that assists with information and hands-on
help to keep member's Mokes in tune and on the road.
Unlike other car clubs, to join the Moke Owner's Association of Victoria you MUST
own a Moke.
The club currently has 164 memberships (1 membership can be 1 person or a
family) and that is made up of 148 memberships along with 11 life members and 5
associate members (those that have sold their Moke but still want to stay on as
members) So the memberships would have to be 164 if they are all single - but If
we include partners/children under the heading of 'Family Membership' it could be
said that the membership is 356. Like all clubs some members do and some don't
get involved

We post/email copies of our 'Tracks' magazine to members not just in Victoria but
all over Australia and overseas."
Supplying all this fascinating information Rhonda states / "I'm happy to be of
assistance anytime." Good on yah Rhonda! Have a chat to Rhonda here

Back to the meeting - So on this very pleasant February evening weatherwise (the
temperature had reached over 40°C (102°F) on many days earlier in the week)
there was a very pleasing 47 attendees with 13 Mokes scattered outside.
Presiding over the meeting was Brad Wooding on laptop, Scott Williams as
chairman, he's the son of Doug, and last but by no means least, Rhonda Flynn the
effervescent and highly esteemed editor of the club's info-packed magazine
Scott is an excellent chairman and he kept the meeting, which started at 8p.m.
and finished 10p.m., on track and moving along nicely at a steady pace. The
future Moke runs on the agenda being of primary concern.
During general business I was invited to say a few words about my new position
as Rest of the world representative and of the 'Mini Moke Club' becoming more
international in its outlook.
It was hoped that my presence and talk would instil a sense of belonging to a
wider Moking community into those attending, And by joining the 'Mini Moke Club'
they would become a part of that world-wide Moking fraternity.

Before departing to Melbourne from my home in Cairns I emailed the 'Mini Moke Club'
committee in the U.K. -
"Evenin' all,
Just nicking awf this very instant to fly 1440 miles darn sarf to Melbourne with a
view to rounding up as many new Victorian members as I can get my hands on.
Wish me luck,
And Peter MW replied -
"We don't mind if they are Victorian, Edwardian or even Thatcherite. So long as
they are Mokers."

And Mokers there are ... Lots!
At the meeting twenty-six who were really keen to become part of the international
Moking scene signed up to join the 'Mini Moke Club'. Hurrah!