Moke With A/C
William's email to me:-
I have been thinking to install the A/c after bought this moke, due to the weather is
hot here and continue raining for a few days, when my first grandson arrived and I
decided to install A/c near to mini car workshop, because this moke before had
overheating problem and need to shift brake pump to top position for to install
cooldenser at the right side panel. For the processing of installation been facing
problem n I had no choice spend 2 days to modify myself, finally the a/c is working
perfectly mow, except the hot weather that is a bit overhead, just bought small tank
with pump, try to install it n spray some water n make it radiator and cooldenser
more cooling.
The finished article:-
YES! there is an Air-Conditioned Moke
by William Lee
Those who know the Island of Singapore know that its weather can be very unkind
indeed. Lying just 1 degree north of the Equator, Singapore gets a merciless
pounding from our nearest star and its thriving inhabitants are 'saved' by only two
things, cooling rain and air-conditioning.
As 'everything' is air-conditioned in Singapore it was logical that I should consider
my Moke be included in that everything. Don't you think so?
The arrival of my first Grandson was the catalyst and I was determined that he
should suffer no torment as I whizzed him round the island safely strapped in the
Moke. You may recall from a previous issue that I own the Zebra-striped Moke.
I made a start and from the outset it became immediately obvious that the A/c
needed more room than was available within the current layout of my engine bay.
Things needed to be shifted big time.
The small alternator was taken out and a compressor for the A/c was installed in its
place. A 90 amp alternator was installed which just managed to fit in the space
between the Compressor and the bonnet.
Next, the Condenser Unit with electric fan was installed between the clutch housing
and the front wheel. This necessitated the complete removal of the side of the
wheel arch from the shock absorbers to the front grille panel, a very messy job but
there was nowhere else for it! The guys at the Mini Car Workshop who were helping
me with this project said it couldn't be done so I had to do this job myself.
The under-dash assembly of the Evaporator was challenging in as much as its two
pipes, after going through the bulkhead had to make a 90 degree turn to avoid the
exhaust manifold.
Finally the A/c is working perfectly now, except during the very, very hot weather
when the A/c's radiator can't quite cope. I have bought a small tank with pump
and after its installation I hope the water it sprays onto the A/c's radiator will give more
I have been told that I have the only air-conditioned Moke in the whole world. My
Moke needed air-conditioning and I was not fazed at any time during this project.
Necessity, after all, is the mother of invention.