By Jean -Georges Ghigo

'Mokoncept' was established 4 years ago. I had just bought 2
Mokes which I intended to restore and get them both in mint
condition. This required a total stripdown and each part was
assessed in detail with two options in mind new part or refurbish
existing part. After much searching I found that 'new part' was
not always an 'in stock' option so I had to introduce a third option
manufacture the unavailable parts myself.

I own a car repair business so it was not complicated to
implement a restoration workshop and along with this a spare
parts department.

In this department I have first and foremost tried to stock the
widest possible choice of parts.

I've set up 'en suite' an online sales site in French and English.
Moke owners will have no problem finding and ordering the parts
they require.

From the beginning of my involvement with the mighty Moke I
have participated in and sponsored International Moke Day in
France through the Monaco and Saint Tropez Clubs.

I was soon contacted by motoring magazines asking if they could
include articles on some of my creations. Now my notoriety
allows me to reach a wide audience of Moke enthusiasts in
France and worldwide. People can and have sent me their Moke
to restore from the other side of the world!

Passion is like the engine of my company and my work is its fuel!
I am currently developing the Moke on the basis of an electric
motor. The vehicle is being assembled in France with the majority
of parts Made in France. Only the body remains Asian.

The battery is lithium and very high quality components will be
incorporated. The vehicles will be fully certified and can be
customised by request.

I feel that in France and worldwide the Mini Moke is now getting
more attention - the attention it justly deserves.