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2007 Parramatta Park, Queensland
Big blaze gets seriously close to stored Moke. In the lane next to a Fishing Tackle Shop a native Australian sets fire to the contents of a Skip which is full of 'empty' oil containers and solvent soaked rags. The flames leap up to set fire to an air conditioner sticking out from the Shop's wall. A false ceiling in the shop begins to melt with the intense heat. Thick black smoke from this, the air conditioner and the contents of the skip fills the inside of the shop covering every bit of its contents with a layer of greasy black gunk. Two passers' by try to control the fire with water from a small hosepipe until the fire brigade arrives. Using the garden hosepipe to direct water onto the red hot fence just behind the Moke, Elsie Margison stops the fence from bursting into flames. Abundant steam is created. The shop is closed for three months during which time tens of thousands of dollars' worth of stock has to be dumped.
Happy Days
1965 Prestatyn, Wales
Dave Margison is learning to drive in this 1958 'Standard Ensign'.
1960 'Great Tree Holiday Camp' Cornwall, U.K.
Alan Margison is learning to drive in this 1954 'Hillman Husky Estate' (Station Wagon). Next to him is his mother Elsie then 'the brothers grim' Geoffrey and David'
1987 Captain Cook Highway, Queensland
Dave Margison drives a Moke for the first time.
In the photo are Dave's parents Elsie and Albert.
14 years later Dave bought his first Moke from
'Cairns Rent-A-Car'.
Three Very Smart Blackpool Mokes and Grace
2008 Fleetwood, U.K.
Not to be confused with a Moke.
This is a Blackpool Tram.
2008 London , U.K.
Contender for a 3 Wheel Moke?
2011 Alan Margison's Moke '2 x S '
Located in Victoria, Canada is heavily featured on the cover of 'Tracks' magazine from the 'Victoria Moke Club' of Victoria, Australia.
2010 Port Erin, Isle of Man, U.K.
Australia sees people carrying small bottles of water round with them. The Isle of Man has a better ideas.
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