Saved for a Rainy Day
By Dave Margison

As the rest of the world representative, from time to time I receive beaut questions via our
Wizard webmaster Nigel Sykes. These are questions mainly pertaining to information
Requested on various Moke topics from people living in Australia. I answer them as best I
Can or forward these questions to someone i know who might know the answer.

Apart from a name and email address associated with the enquiry, usually nothing is ever
known about the location of the enquirer ! Nigel, like Sherlock H has tremendous powers
of deduction and to him those coming from OZ are elementary.

On the 21st of December 2014 I received a question via Nigel from Roy bird for a valuation
On his 1973 Moke which had been stored in a shed since 1991. Yes, most of the
Questions the committee and i handle are quite challenging !.

But this one became much less so when i noticed that Roy's email address included the
Word Mareeba. Mareeba is situated on the Atherton Tableland not a stone throw from
Cairns (40 miles) . This opened up to the possibility of getting to see his Moke for a more
Accurate valuation.

I emailed Roy to say i had restored four Mokes, and gave him the sale amounts as well
As a wide range of figures within which the Moke could be worth. And also where best he
Could advertise his Moke.

In his reply he thanked me for all my help and suggested, going by my info, that $4000
‘as is ’ would be about the right price for his Moke. Although he was thinking that if he did
Some work on it he might get more for it.

At the time i had six Mokes, one restored and five waiting, so i reckoned had more than
enough to do for now. However, under the heading ‘can’t help myself. Bad habits ...’ i
Made him an offer anyway, sight unseen.

We agreed to split the difference and the deal was done. Roy brought the Moke down
From Mareeba on a trailer in the pouring rain. To me it looked okay for a 42 year old. But
Then i have seen some pretty awful Mokes.

I drove it off the trailer and into my driveway - great, it goes well! The engine i noticed
Was a 1098cc. And seemed quite good.

It was a very rainy day indeed and it was Sunday. So i decided to all this Moke ‘Sunny’
And it will be my next restoration project.