All Things Mokes
1943 On all things Moke -This gem was from RKO
'Around The World' was a make-believe version globe-trotting entertainment tour put on by Kay Kyser (centre) and friends to lift the spirits of US fighting troops . The film was overloaded with songs by Jimmy McHugh and Harold Adamson that were not up to their best, stagy production numbers, comic volleys launched by Mischa Auer , Alan Carney, Wally Brown, Joan Davis and Kyserhimself . There was also a cloak-and-dagger sub-plot mixing Kay and Mischa up with omnipresent Nazi spies, and a sentimental denouement in which Marcy McGuire receives the Purple Heart won by her dead father. It was hardly surprising that the film proved too bloated and frenetic to win applause from either soldiers or civilians, and it put an end to Kyser's RKO career. Ralph Spence stitched together the story and screenplay with the help of Carl Herzinger, who added special ma-terial. Producer-director Allan Dwan's cast also included Kay Kyser's Band,featuring IshKabibble ,Georgia Carroll, Harry Babbitt, Sully Mason, Julie Conway, Diane Pendleton and Jack and Max. Songs included:' Don't Believe Everything You Dream' , 'Candlelight And Wine' , ' He's Got A Secret Weapon' , 'They Just Chopped The Old Apple Tree' ,' Great News In The Making' ,' Roodle-ee-doo',' The Moke From Shamokin'
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