North Queensland (NQ) Mokes
by Dave Margison & Darren Jones

Last year saw the best attended meeting of ‘NQ Mokes’ since the inception of this Moke
enthusiasts'association in 2009.

It was really fantastic to see a gathering of 14 participants with 7 Mokesand all the credit
goes to Max and Tricia Lincoln who were our conveners and hosts for the occasion.
They had provided a beaut BBQ at their home with lots of first class tucker and grog. Our
sincere thanks go to them.

Max has worked tirelessly to make ‘NQ Mokes’ a successful focal point for Moke-minded
residentsand deserves a medal for all his efforts which were at last achievinghisaim- a
friendly fraternity of North Queensland Moke owners. Well done Max.

These efforts had started out by him chasing Mokes in his Volvo and telling the drivers of
the ones he caught of his intentions of forming ‘NQ Mokes’.

The gathering was most honoured by the presence of maestro Moke mechanic Darren
Jones and herewith a few words written by Darren.

"I have seen most things Moke in the last 20 plus years but from time to time I still
see/learn something new. I have owned over a hundred Mokes and Minis some of them
more than once.
At present I have 6 Mokes and 2 Minis of my own and most Moke guys know me for my
Turbo Diesel Moke that I put together in 2006. Having completed it in the nick of time I
then drove it down to Shepparton to be part of the ‘Mokefest’ and its assemblyof 150
Mokes. I now use this Moke most days as my run around.
Without Mokes my life would be very different, I still look on them with great affection
and I am sure I will forever".

To be part of the world-wide Moking community Darren joined the Mini Moke Club earlier
this year.And he even had the answer to the very vexing question on the minds of many
two-seaterMoke owners -‘What do I need to do to install two extra seats legally?’

There was much Moke talk and a splendid time was had by all.

Darren Jones is alongside Max's 1968 Moke‘Rusty’
one of the first 13" wheelers. Tricia is opening an
envelope containing her‘Mini Moke Club’
membership number and goodies from Kate Hall.
The talk of the town -‘Bugs’ Darren's Turbo
Diesel Moke, notice the nifty hinged rear panel
and number plate holder
Max and guests making more room at the meeting by
relocating ‘Lucky’ a 1981 Moke project in waiting