2000 'My Moking Mishap'
G'day from Cairns, Queensland
by Dave Margison
I registered my Moke in January 2000 and have now ( October ) done just over 7900kms in it with only one minor repair.
I'd just put my foot down on the accelerator to overtake a slow Coon who had just decided that the fast lane was not the lane he should be in when a stone flew out from one of his tyres and shattered the Moke's windscreen
S M A S H!
( but louder than that of course )
Fortunately I wasn't going very fast ( 105kpm )when it happened. I took my foot off the accelerator momentarily but realised that I wasn't losing too much blood and there was really no point in my stopping. I put my foot down on the accelerator again heading for home.
The windscreen must have been the old type as most of it was in tiny pieces on my lap and on the floor where I'm still finding bits!
In the instant it happened two things came to mind. The first was that the engine had blown up! And the second; the scene from the 'Time Machine' where the rock wall round the machine quickly disintegrates. Remember that? H.G.Wells? Grab the DVD it's brilliant. Most of his stuff was written in the 1890s. I've been reading and re-reading it since I was a nipper ( 8Y.O. ) Sorry I digress. Back to the Moke.
When what was left of the windscreen was taken out it was found that the bottom channel of the frame was a rusty mess so it was a great opportunity to replace it with a thick aluminium channel. Fortunately .Windscreens O'Brien' had the template and cut a screen out of auto laminated glass for me. $180 - a good price.
It's now all better than it ever was ... so there you go.
Dave's mother Elsie helps with the windscreen replacement.