Sonia Lanham
Port Douglas, Far North Queensland, Australia is one of the ever decreasing places in the world where one can hire a Moke.
George and I (Sonia), now retired, are doing the almost mandatory 'Grey Nomad thing' - a trip round Australia by road. After many years on the road we hadn't driven that far at all from our home on the Gold Coast when we bumped into Port Douglas. And what a pleasant place it was, made even more so by a fair few Mokes dashing hither and thither without wither or dither. George already owns a 1964 Mini 850 which he is restoring back home and I thought good grief if I could get my hands on a Moke we could attend both Mini and Moke meeting days together with our cars.It was with this in mind that we approached the car rental company and asked them that if they ever had a Moke for sale to please give us a call.Many months passed by.
My kids were coming up from the Gold Coast for holidays. I went into the same car hire establishment to ask them about hiring a people mover so we could all drive around together. After walking in they said, "Are you still interested in owning a Moke ? " " Sure are!" I told them.
They had one surplus to requirements. Whoopee!! ! "I'll just talk to my husband about the Moke". I was so excited. I phoned George but he didn't answer his mobile. He must have been out driving somewhere. Very disappointed I told the guys behind the counter I would find him and come back quick. Then I left to look for him. Little did I know that he was on the way to the same hire car company to enquire about people movers and not 5 minutes after I left he walked in.
The guys were amazed and one said. "I knew you would be here, but not that quick"" George was totally confused by this statement and with a puzzled look on his face said, "WHAT! ! !?;" "Has Sonia spoken to you yet?" "About what?" said George. "THE MOKE" said he. "Moke?whatMoke? "said George still trying to figure out what the hell was going on. Then they explained. It was so funny! ! ! And that is how I came about getting my Moke. And its name? I couldn't think of anything more appropriate than - 'SookiesookieWauhwauh'.
The Moke is now stripped down and waiting for a respray in a wonderful colour I have yet to choose!
Sonia, Sookie and family go mango picking
Sonia stripping it and loving it
Too easy!