'Tanks Arts Centre'
2011 August in Cairns,Queensland
Paul Barton is a director at the 'Tanks Arts Centre'. He is also the proud owner of a Moke. The tanks were built during WW2 in a rainforest area to store fuel which was piped by gravitydown to the harbour in Cairns for distribution. The Council made a decision in the 1990s to gradually convert these tanks to house an Arts Centre.
The addition of a very nice roof was one of the first essentials followed by the installation of a host of items which cumulated in a fantastically cosy venue for shows and displays. As part of a 'PechaKucha'night Paul came up with an excellent 20 minute Slide Show in Tank number 3 and of course 'The Moke' was the subject. An audience of well over 100 were totally fascinated by his commentary and the miscellany of photos he displayed to prove that the Moke is something very unique in the annals of history. Well done Paul for a truly tremendous show!
The Moke, big Bill doing the video
and part of the large audience.
Paul and his beautifully restored Moke in the Tank
Paul very much at home behind the Rostrum
A night to remember. (Intro slide)
A devastated Paul didn't think this was funny at all! A least 4 coons had tossed his Moke over with massive scratches being inflicted on the chassis by the very rough road.
There are many movies featuring a Moke as the 'hero'.
The father of the Mini pictured
was also the father of the Moke.
The prototype Moke. Note the absence
of pannier sides and the petrol tank
at the back amongst other 'oddities'
The Moke has changed very little over the years both inside and out.