A Truly Terrific Tassie Trip
by Rhonda Flynn

I thought I might regale you with some of the adventures we had in
Tasmania during the ‘Mokin’ Down Under’ event.

Now if you’ve never been to Tassie you are missing heaps! Not only is it
the apple isle of Australia, it has the most magnificent scenery and roads
and food and - oh well you should have been there! The best thing
about Tasmania, if at no other time (well - between 27 February and 9
March this year 2015) was that there were scores of extra Mokes there!

There were easily 13 Mokes on the ship on the Friday 27th and we all got
together on deck to toast the upcoming adventure. We had people from
Western Australia, New South Wales, South Australia and of course
Victoria. Many were ‘Moke Owners of Victoria’ members.

We disembarked from the sail at Devonport where we were met by Rod
and Faye Owers, the driving force behind ‘Moking Down Under’. They
took us to a chocolate restaurant for brekky then Ant led us to the main
meeting place just out of Devonport where 42 Mokes gathered in
preparation for the ‘West Coast Wander’. Some of those Mokes were not
travelling with us but would join us in Hobart.

And so it began ...
We headed west, along the coast and made a few stops to eat, look
around, take pictures and allow joe public to take pics too! We got our
first accommodation in the town of Stanley. Spectacular views, striking
architecture and superb company! And here we took a photo of a Moke
line up which made it into the local paper! It was on the beach in front of
the famous Stanley Nut which is a huge and ancient volcanic plug.

On the next day we headed to the ‘Edge of the World’ at Arthur River.
WOW! Our lastnight in Stanley was action packed for most, with many
hours spent chatting, or getting canopies stitched or tinkering.

In the morning we packed up and headed to Straham on the west coast.
Some took the dirt option - others the bitumen. Another fantastic beach
was found and more pictures were taken. After two nights of great
company and excellent seafood the intrepid ‘West Coast Wonderers’
drove of Mokes headed off to Hobart. We went through Queenstownand
to Derwent Bridge where we found Greg Duncan’s ‘The Wall’ - 300 sq m
of wood carving that has so far taken 10 years to do.It depicts, in
amazing detail, the history of the Tassie highlands in the form of a
sculpted wall not finished yet but just trust me on this - you must get

We convoyed (well - kind of) into Hobart on the 4th after seeing many
impressive sights along the way and settled into our accommodation.
The weather had followed us from the west and the caravan park was hit
by some heavy wind. Most survived the night and we all headed off to
have ‘Captain Cook’ through Hobart town in our own way.
I was with a small group that went to visit a Moke owner at the Casino
(really) and we enjoyed a chat and a hot cuppa (really!) Then Lauren and
I got deliberately lost in the old part of town to check out the
architecture, then the subantarctic station.Thursday night some went to
Joe’s Garage with the local Mini Club! What a hoot! Friday was spent at
Port Arthur. Again - trust - me go! I was last there back in the late 70's
and wow - what a difference!

The next day was the big display on the gardens of Parliament House
right next to the famous Salamanca markets. There were 50 Mokes in the
display and a lot of interest from the public. The day cumulated in a
drive up to the top of Mt. Wellington where we took over the car park.
TwoMokes per parking bay in some places. A magnificent view - so was
the landscape! Simply stunning.

Sunday was Geeveston and Huonville. Another great day was topped off
with the final official event of ‘Moking Down Under’ -a spit roast and
presentation dinner at a local cricket club. A great night! And it appears
that our own Andy Preston took the mother lode of awards.

Our thanks and appreciation go to Faye & Rod, Mel & James, Ant and
Tim for all their work in organising what was a fantastic holiday in
Tasmania. My thanks go to everyone who came for making it the best
holiday EVER with some of the best people EVER!!!