Marks Moke unearthed
by Dave Margison

Mark Brewer proprietor of Aardvark Autos in Cairns
has owned a 1980 Moke for decades. He had
previously sold this Moke but then missed it so much
he bought it back again. He then did some work on the
engine. Its 998cc was changed for a 1275cc which was
then bored out to 1313cc and special performance
pistons were installed. In addition to this a Weber 45
carburettor was added and inlet manifold to suit. But it
was never registered and ...

When I first met Mark in 1999 in one corner of his
workshop there was a dumping ground for all sorts of
bits and pieces both large and small that he had
collected over the years. Very well buried under this
large pile of maybe-can-be-used-again auto parts was
his only-just discernible teal-coloured Moke.

And there it rested until this year when Mark needed
extra space on his shop floor to repair cars.

"It was like finding buried treasure", Mark said.
So after unearthing it he now really had no excuse not
to restore it to its former glory and hey presto!
Well Mark, we reckon what you have now is way
better than any treasure; buried or otherwise!